The People

Dante Fumo

Audio engineer, composer, and sound designer

Misty Mountain Audio is run by Dante Fumo, a Wisconsin-based audio engineer, composer, and sound designer with 10 years’ experience in audio work.

Dante partners with freelance composers, musicians, voice talent, and audio professionals when projects call for specialized skills, unique styles, or extra technical help:


This list is growing! if you’re a freelance composer, musician, voice actor or audio professional equipped to work remotely, please reach out about collaborating! All freelance partners are in control of their own rates and licensing, and will always be credited for their work.


The Process

Remote collaboration helps keep costs down and increase efficiency. Here’s a look at how it works around here:

1. Get a free estimate and demo

Use the contact form or Email with some details about your project, the work you need done, and a rough idea of your budget and timeline. If you’re on the fence, ask for a free demonstration!

2. Discuss your project & finalize details

When you’re ready to move forward, we’ll plan the project in greater detail over Skype or Email and agree on the terms and deliverables. Then, all you need to do is put down a 50% deposit, which keeps everyone accountable throughout the process.

3. Guide the project with your vision

Next, you’ll receive a link to a private Dropbox folder where we’ll exchange files throughout the project. There, you can upload raw materials and guide the process by providing feedback and suggesting edits until we arrive at the final product.

4. Settle up and receive the final product

When you’re happy with your results, you’ll be invoiced for the remaining balance (plus any extra services you ordered). You’ll then receive all the deliverables for your project in a zipped folder—your project is now finished!