Sound design & Foley recording

Rich SFX design and detailed Foley to bring maximum immersion to your film, animation, or video production. Misty Mountain Audio uses world-class sound libraries, advanced synthesis tools, and original field recordings to pack every scene with detail and emotion.

Film mixing

Final mixing, dubbing, re-recording mixing, and stem mixing for independent films, TV/streaming series, animation, short films, or web video content. See the Immersive audio page for more information on immersive audio for 360° video.

Original music & film scores

Inspired, original music in any style from emotive orchestral scores to synthesized sci-fi moodscapes or even cartoon wackiness. Composed in-house or by a partner composer. Final mixing, mastering, and quality control always handled in-house.

Dialogue & VO editing

Diligent editing, cleanup, and picture-matching for dialogue, narration, and voice-over. Need a voice actor? Send in your script to have it read by professional voice talent, then skillfully edited and mixed.