Sound effects design

Bring your world to life with cohesive, custom-designed video game sound effects. Sound effects are priced per “asset” (each asset is a unique set of sounds for a character, creature, game object, or game area). Not sure how many assets you need, or what kinds? Get in touch.

Audio implementation

The best video game sound in the world means nothing if you can’t hear it. Bring your audio assets into your game with custom audio implementation for a powerful, detailed sound mix that immerses the player while conserving resources at runtime.

Adaptive music

Enhance your game with an original soundtrack that responds dynamically to gameplay. All adaptive music packages include multiple layers and variations for an ever-changing soundtrack that never gets stale.

Dialogue recording and editing

Tell your story best with rich, detailed, professionally recorded dialogue. Send in your scripts to have them read by voice actors of your choice, then diligently edited and processed for maximum warmth and clarity—or manipulated into otherworldy alien or robotic voices. Prices may vary based on voice talent rates.